Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day four at the MTC

This is Ron and me with our morning MTC instructor, Brother Keddington.
For our assignment this morning, we met with an investigator to teach her about the plan of salvation. Her husband had passed away about six years ago and she was especially interested if her husband would have the opportunity to receive the Gospel if he was already dead. It was very humbling to be able to teach her about the spirit world and the sacred work that we know is taking place there. We are trying our best to absorb every learning opportunity, every friendship, and to drink in every single experience, from walking through the outside corridors breathing in the crisp fall air to thanking the young missionaries as they hold the door open for us. Remember those school kids with their first box of crayons? Every day has something new for us to experience for the very first time. And even if we serve other missions, this will still be our very first time. So yep, we are feeling like two little kids smelling our first box of new crayons. We realize we are truly blessed!

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