Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Decorations!

Last night Ron and I had an appt. about fifty miles away at a part-member family's home. As we were driving up we had a few minutes before our appt. so we decided to go look at the Christmas decorations in this cute little farming town. As we pulled into town we could see a big dome that was covered in lights. We wondered what it was, but we keep finding all sorts of interesting buildings and structures having to do with the grain and cattle farms that are all over the place, so we went to investigate. The town was too small to have a "Dee Events Center-Tacoma Dome" type arena, so we really were curious what it could be all lit up in bright orange lights. As we drove closer to it...and seriously we were drawn to it like moths to a flame....we were just amazed at it's beauty and largeness...then we both said almost in unison: NUH UH!!  The big orange dome we were driving toward had now become a big orange ball barely up over the horizon...IT WAS THE MOON!!! Oh my goodness! I have never ever seen anything like it! We were partly laughing and how stupid we sounded and partly in awe of the beautiful sight that was right before our eyes! I know this picture doesn't do it justice, but let me just show you what we saw coming up just over the horizon (that's why it looked like a dome at first). That was our "boy are we city-slickers or what?" moment. Just some of the beauty we keep tripping over....literally. Heavenly Father is the ultimate artist! We are blessed.

This is just above the horizon in the farming town of Hanston.

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