Tuesday, November 27, 2012

....and so my needs are great.

There are some people in this world that you just have to say to yourself, ‘‘this is a child of our Heavenly Father.’’ …and then know that Heavenly Father must be weeping because of what they have let their life become.

We went to visit “Trick Knee Guy” again today. See post from Nov.14. (We’ll just call him “Hank”) Ron made me do the talking this time and we didn’t have to ask him if he was Hank, we already knew his name. So when he came to the door I said “Hi Hank! Are you having a good day?” He looked a little puzzled, like ‘Do I know these people??’

I don’t know if he remembered us from when we came by two weeks ago, but he had just about as much to say…


“Well that’s great! I brought you some cookies!”

“What for?”

“Because I made them and I thought you’d like some.”


“They’re chocolate and soft.”


“Can we come back for a visit sometime, Hank?”


“Well enjoy your day!”


Hank lives on the outskirts of town in a military retirement (if you want to call it that) community. Where half of the houses are vacant. He lives alone, and I can’t imagine he has any visitors that aren’t government home health care workers. We have made it our goal, nay, our quest to someday be invited into Hank’s living room. That man needs to be reminded that he is a child of God.

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