Thursday, November 29, 2012

One month ... already!

Today marks one month that we’ve been in the mission field. With only 17 months left, we are feeling a sense of urgency. We have so much to do. We had some amazing things happen today... First, let me say there are times when things happen that sound tragic, but we have to laugh at them or we'd probably go a little nuts. And then there are things that sound kinda funny, and we cry about them. Today we had a little miracle. (but I'm out of Internet time so I'll have to go to the library tomorrow and post about it.) (lame Internet) ...ok back to the  little miracle...we were given a list of L.L.M. (long lost members) to find and invite to our Branch Christmas dinner. We did pretty well finding some of them, some weren't home so we didn't know if we had the right address or not. But we got to an apartment complex of eight big buildings each building had 12 apartments. We were given only the number of the building for this one sister. We found the building and decided to say a prayer to ask Heavenly Father to help us find which apartment of the 12 was the right one and could she please be home. Then Ron asked me "which one is it?" Since it was a single sister I decided to go with one that looked like it had curtains. "That one", I said. We got out of the car and headed up and heard people talking as they were coming out of one of the lower apt.'s. We stopped the family coming out and said "do you know Gladys....?" The lady said "yes, I'm her." Ron and I just looked at each other then at her and told her why we were there and handed her the invitation. we talked to her for a few more minutes then went to the car and said another prayer to Heavenly Father for answering our prayer so quickly! I know, it's not the parting of the Red Sea, or water turning into wine, but to us it was just one of the Lords tender little mercies for two weary missionaries.

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