Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We were out making visits today...BTW do you see that blue sky?
Yeah it was 75 degrees today! SEVEN-FIVE! Setenta-Y-Cinco Grados!!
And it's NOVEMBER! I know we're going to get hit with winter sometime,
but sheesh, we are loving the sunshine, people! But I digress...We were out making visits today for the ward, people who haven't been to church for a looooong time. This house was on our list. Well not the house, but the people who live in it. See those two doggies?Yep. They are there behind that fence to guarantee that naive missionaries like us don't ask people like them  to come back to church. Believe it or not my sweet, gentle,
always-wants-to-do-the-right-thing-husband, stood on this side of the fence calling to the house "Hellooo! Hellooo!" The dogs were mildly amused. I'm laughing just thinking about him doing it! I really love that man!!
Tonight we had dinner with this very strong member family from the Branch (La Rama for you Spanish speakers). I'll let Ron tell you about them.
They are wonderful!   They are the Linan family with 5  kids:  Diana, Natalie, Fernando, Alejandro and Karen.   We loved being in their home!   They fed us a delicious dinner and dessert.   We loved the spirit that is in their home.   Great parents and fun kids.   They have been members of the church for almost 5 years.   They even have the same Family Home Evening assignments chart that our daughter Erin has in her home.  We had a lot of fun with them and hope to be back to visit again soon.   They said "our home is your home".


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