Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meeting the Members

Today we had the privilege of meeting with the members of both the Spanish Branch and the English-speaking ward in Dodge.   Wonderful people!   They had their primary program with all the kids singing and giving their parts.   They were wonderful as all primary programs are.   Kathy is picking up so much Spanish it is very impressive.   They all treated us as royalty and made us feel very welcome.   We are anxious to get to know them all better and have a few appointments already for this week to meet some of the members in their homes.  The weather got our attention yesterday.   A severe thunderstorm with lightning and thunder, rain blowing sideways, winds of up to 60 mph and severe weather advisories over the news.   Kind of fun to watch out the window but noisy!   Today, a very cold wind is blowing from the north and our warm weather seems to have blown away.  It's 39 degrees right now.   We may need those winter clothes after all!
This is what it looked like a few minutes before the big storm hit. 

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