Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Short time in Colo. Sprgs.

Here are some random pictures of our short time in Colorado Springs:
This is Elder and Sister Snow. We stayed in their home for two nights when we first arrived at the mission. They are just the salt of the earth.
This is a sign the Snow's have on their mailbox, and it really is true. They live high on the hillside and this is what we were greeted with when we went to load our car in the morning.
There were six of these guys wandering the neighborhood just munching on the lawns. Last week Elder Snow came out to his front yard to find a bear, yes a BEAR climbing up his crab apple tree.
This is Pikes Peak, viewed on the way to church on Sunday.
This mountain is where NORAD is located.
And here is my favorite picture (of course) from LaMar Colorado.We drove all along the Mountain Route (although we saw no mountains) of the Santa Fe Trail from Colorado to Kansas. Santa Fe translates to Holy Faith. That's pretty apropos I'd say!

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