Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life on the plains

Just a couple of things....With the beautiful sunshine that we get to have and the flatness of the terrain here, my hair has gone from Roseanne Roseannadanna hair ( old SNL reference, google it) to being dryer than a box of Shredded Wheat!! Seriously, my hair has so much static electricity that I'm afraid one spark from my hairbrush running through it will start it on fire! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also, night before last we came home and walked in the kitchen to see a cockroach (la cucaracha for you Spanish speakers)! Are ya kiddin' me?? I thought those little buggers liked humid environments! I was so grossed out! Ron killed him for me and we set about disinfecting the entire kitchen. Ghaa! I've got the willies just thinking about it!! You better believe yesterday's shopping list included a large can of ant and roach spray! Yikes!


  1. A cockroach? Now you've had the true missionary experience!

  2. Rub coconut oil all over your hair and sleep with a pioneer bonnet on! That will put some moisture back in your hair. But keep the lights off after you do this! haha. I promise that it washes right out the next day and feels great.


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