Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our last night at the MTC...

...We had an amazing evening at the MTC testimony meeting of all the foreign speaking senior missionaries. The spirit was just so sweet as each missionary got up and spoke. No matter the language, the common thread throughout was the love for our Savior and His atoning sacrifice.
This is the humble little Spanish couple that we taught on Friday. He speaks no English and she speaks about as much English as I speak Spanish. Thank heaven my companion could translate the parts of the conversation that I didn't understand. This picture was taken after our testimony meeting. Sister Ventura bore a very sweet testimony.
Elder and Sister Ventura are going to the Houston Texas Spanish speaking mission.

After the testimony meeting we were swiftly brought back into Telestial living with a trip to the laundry.
Ok, this was my first time doing laundry at a laundry mat. And I wasn't quite sure if I was doing it right. Grr!

We had to fit in three loads of laundry in between classes and dinner and a testimony meeting. I feel for the kids who have to do this all the time, Holy Cow!
Then some random Elders tried to run us down on their bikes! Really, the Elders here are the sweetest kids ever. They run to hold the door open for you, and when you have to swipe your card to get into every. single. building. every. single. time, that's kinda nice! We are blessed.

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