Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our new address...

This is our new mailing address, and we would love love love to get mail in our box via snail mail!
Elder & Sister Williams
805 Beeson Ct., Apt. E,
 Dodge City, KS. 67801

We drove around the town today. It really is a lovely town, so rich in history. Everyone we met were so friendly and helpful.  We went to the Post Office to get our mail key and were a bit worried  if they would give it to us.  They wanted some proof we lived there, but we had none.  Fortunately, a member of the bishopric in the next ward worked there and he got it all approved for us.  Yet another blessing.  We will post some pictures soon of the town, with it's wide streets and historic homes.  The temperature today was over 70 degrees, with bright sunshine all day.  Talk about a warm welcome! We are blessed to be serving in Dodge City Kansas. 


  1. A small package is on it's way! Keeping my fingers crossed that it makes it! It is only addressed to "Elder Williams" because I couldn't fit both "Elder & Sister" in the name field... but it is for both of you! It's an EARLY Christmas present and you can wait to open it if you want, but I'm ok with it if you decide to open it sooner so you can "use" it. Either way. Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves!


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