Friday, November 23, 2012

How was YOUR Thanksgiving?

Oh my goodness what a great Thanksgiving we had here in Dodge! My favorite part of the day was being able to skype with and see our kids and grandbabies. Although we didn’t have nearly enough minutes to talk to each one because of our lame internet plan, grrr! We had been invited by a couple of families to join them for dinner, but we told them we were skyping with our kids throughout the day, so we made Thanksgiving dinner for the two of us. I gotta say, it’s really hard to make a THANKSGIVING dinner for just two people.

And a little challenging when you don’t have all your normal kitcheny gadgets and dishes to cook and serve in. We got pretty creative in cooking the meal. But it turned out pretty well.


Then while Ron went to pick up the Elders, the Sisters came…and brought costumes!! These Sister Missionaries are so stinkin’ cute! Not only are they fun and clever, they have really strong testimonies and are very hard workers for the Lord.
When Ron came back with the Elders, this is what greeted them at the door!

Everyone got a homemade Thanksgiving “costume” to wear! Then we watched Madagascar 3 and Princess Bride, ate popcorn and chocolate pie, and played Bananagrams. It was a great Thanksgiving Day!

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