Friday, November 30, 2012

Brother & Sister Strong & Mail Day!

This is Sister and Brother Strong. Amazing members of the ward. We had dinner at their home the other night. We keep being surprised by the members stories! I would have sworn that these two were "stock", dyed-in-the-wool- Mormons. Nope. Their story is just as awesome as they are!

                                                                                        We LOVE mail!!
A big ol' shout out to Elly, Owen and Amy for our awesome pictures! And to Abuela for the fun surprise she sent us! And to Erin for the card. Remember, we LOVE to get mail. Oh let me just repeat that. WE LOVE TO GET MAIL! Our case you wrote it down and can't find it, is" 805 Beeson Ct. APT.E, Dodge City, Kansas 67801. Don't forget to include the APT. E on there, cuz there's lot's of folks that live at this address and would love to get mail just like us.


  1. The moon is amazing. Speaking of mail, you should receive a package Tuesday. In the words of Abuela..."Don't open it!" It's your other Christmas present and unfortunately, it won't be wrapped. :)

  2. HaHAHa! You got it! No opening until Christmas. That gives us something to look forward to. :-)


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