Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time~ is flowing like a river...sometimes like the Arkansas River.

Today marks our one year day in the mission field. We are having a fabulous time here in Dodge. We love the people so much. Time is (usually) going by so quickly, that we feel a sudden urgency to get all our goals accomplished by next spring.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly re-cap and Mail Shout-Outs!

We had a great week! Lot's going on so I'll quickly recap...
I am trying to get this baby cow to come to me. She was just grazing around this family's yard.
We are teaching these two adorable sisters, Freida almost 11 & Camilla almost 9. Their dad is a
member, their mama is not. We are treading lightly where she is concerned.

We had lunch at a part member family's home.
It was DEE. LISH. US!!!
And it was pretty too...(I dug into it before I thought to take a picture)
Clio use to own a restaurant in Acapulco so she really knows her way
around a kitchen! There are taquitos under all that goodness!

Cut my hair.

Had District meeting with the DODGE SIX
Sister's Williams, Mortensen & Harston
Elder's Williams, Carlson & Cannon

Marked some BoM's with our favorite scriptures to give to our
investigators and others. (That's my very handsome companion doing his in Espanol.)

 Did the Macarena to "Do as I'm doing"...
which is not as easy as it might sound, but hilarious!!
A box FULL of thank you's and mail shout-outs go to Patty for her super-chunky
surprise box full of yumminess! And to Sister McQuay for her ever-entertaining
hand-written letter. We Love you!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

There is beauty all around

The other morning we got up early (before the sun was up) and headed to Oklahoma City to go to the Temple with our ward. Just inside Oklahoma we said good morning to the sun as it came up over one horizon....

...at the same time we watched the moon as it was going down over the other horizon.

God is the Master Artist, isn't He?

(And the Temple? Marvelous. )

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mission Life and Mail Shout-Outs

We had our weekly correlation meeting with our ward mission leader. My sister sent me some dried mango which I brought to share with our district. They look like bright orange tongues, so of course being the mature, dignified missionaries that we are, we took our picture sticking out our "tongues".
Back row: Elders Cannon, Bennett, Sweeten, Carlson & Williams
Sitting: Sisters Harston, McKay & Williams
Here Elder Cannon is teaching us a "slight of hand" trick. He is really good at magic tricks.
This is our entire zone at a Zone Training meeting down in Liberal. Great bunch of missionaries.
 After Zone training many of us went to Wendy's for lunch.
 Here's Sister Hunter, Sister Mortensen & the shoulder of Sister Harston
These guys are so much fun to be around.
Some of the Elders in our Zone and Sister Torrez
This is a darling sister in our ward, Erica, who just got married last month. Her husband Lenny, came here and worked 2 years to bring her to the U.S., (legally) from Bogota Columbia. He was renting a bedroom from someone he worked with, so he had no household items. And she came with only what she could fit in her suitcase. So a sister in the ward and I gave her a shower, and the ward really was so generous to Erica and Lenny. They got lot's of wonderful things to start their home together. Oh, and we moved them out of the bedroom and into a real apartment.
Mail shout-outs go to Deb Hill for her MOO-ving postcard and Cute li'l Sista McQuary Makuar Maquery McQuay, we love and miss you like crazy!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Field trip

I enjoy cows when they are in small numbers
(less than the thousands who hang out at the feed lots)

I love these cows.
(she wanted to know what we were doing)
(Her little baby was right beside her)
(just look at his face...he wasn't happy to get his picture taken)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy dance at the mailbox!

       Somedays (most days) our mailbox looks like this.                   And some days this!   
A+ mail shout-outs go to Elly for her cutie pie school picture, Amy and Becki get extra credit for wonderful letters, and my little sister DeeDee for the Hawaiian care package...you are all no ka 'oi!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Great Conference Weekend!

General Conference was amazing! We were able to take our four most recent converts to our ward building to watch each session. They loved it, and it was so enjoyable to see it through their eyes. Of course it would have been sweet to stay home in our PJ's and watch conference, but we don't have a TV and bringing our new members to see it and hearing them talk about it afterward was just a delight! Nothing like sharing the Gospel. I love it! I love knowing that if we stay true to the commandments and follow our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, we don't need to fear all the craziness that is going on in the world around us. I kinda felt like (for me personally) the theme was be good, do good, share the Gospel with everyone.

 I love this time of year and everything the season brings with it, crisp air, beautiful jewel colored leaves in the mountains, the smell of the furnace kicking on and Conference. The air in the morning is getting a chill, but the leaves on the trees haven't changed color and I don't know if they will. And we have NO mountains. At all. But we have had the furnace on a couple of times, I made some hot cocoa the other night when it was blowy outside, and I've been sporting my hubby's big ol' wooley socks. Toasty.

Goodbyes and Hellos!

Last week on P-Day we went with the Sisters to Boot Hill. They're so much fun.
Sisters Mortensen and McQuay in the stagecoach driven by Elder Williams.

Sisters M & M, me and Ron waiting for our turn at the barbershop...not.
We knew it was coming...
We had to say goodbye to a our sweet Sister McQuay last week. : (  She was transferred to Wichita.
Goodbyes are always hard...

We also said goodbye to Elder Rodriguez who went to the Wichita area,
and to Elder Hawkins who went home to Utah.
Then we got to say hello to new Elders Cannon & Bennet and Sister Harston
Sister Harston is a Visa waiter~for Brazil...sweet girl
Sister Hunter (in green) is going to serve in Liberal Kansas