Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's happening today

This is in our office.
We made two posters, one for the English speaking ward and one for the Spanish Branch. Since we are assigned to both, we decided to keep track of everyone we make contact with or in some cases TRY to make contact with  (you R.M.'s know what I'm talkin' about right?). We hope to have every wall in our office filled before we go home.

Today is transfer day. We were asked to take the Elders up to Garden City. These are Elder's Evans, Gomez & Powell. Elder Gomez is on his way back to Mexico tomorrow. I call him the Davy Jones of the Elder's.

This is Wright Park and Zoo ...very close to our apt. Hey, looks like one of the animals got out! Har Har!

This is Dodge City's answer to the Hollywood Bowl! Our little amphitheater at the park.

.....and the most exciting part of the day....

Our first mail!!
We came home for lunch and checked our mailbox. Whadyaknow, we got mail! That was the fastest lunch I've ever made. Because we wanted to sit down and read them together. So a big THANK YOU to Janae, Angela and Becki for making our day with your letters and pictures! We LOVE 'em!


One other special experience:   When we attended church for the first time here in Dodge City on Sunday we were greeted by many people.  Many came up to see us and introduce themselves.  They were very warm and welcoming.   We also saw a woman near the back of the chapel who didn't seem to be getting much attention.   She was in a wheelchair, on oxygen and looked to be in poor health.   We felt prompted to go over and introduce ourselves to her.  She seemed a bit surprised to have us come over and then reacted warmly, introducing herself to us.   It felt good to meet her and be with her for those brief moments. We learned that today, just two days later, this dear sweet sister passed away. How grateful we are that we heeded that prompting to go over and be with her.  Little did we know it would be our only chance to do so.   It reminds us of President Monson's counsel to never delay acting on promptings to reach out and serve others.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the moments of your mission -- especially experiences like this one. A great reminder to seize the day!


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