Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day three at the MTC

What a great day we had today! We had a brief morning devotional, then we had our mock investigator contact today. Where a volunteer comes and Ron and I visit with him/her/them as if they were investigating the Church and we were visiting in their home. We practiced answering any questions she might have about the Church. And really, they could ask anything. So there is no "script" to go off of, just our knowledge of the Gospel, and what is taught in Preach My Gospel. It is simple and pretty awesome. All day long there have been new (junior) missionaries coming in. It's kinda fun to not be the "greenies" after only three days. After lunch we had a longer group meeting with all the districts to discuss our morning teaching experiences. Then afternoon classes to prepare us for teaching tomorrow. Our afternoon teacher is Sister Thomas. She is so sweet. She's from St. Louis, and she knows Gary and Debbie Gessel and Danny Gessel, from when they were the Mission President in St. Louis. Small world, huh?
Sister Thomas, Kathy and Ron in our afternoon class.
Tonight we started our Spanish classes again. My MTC Spanish teacher was super funny in making me laugh at my own mistakes. He was very helpful in giving me tips to remember some of the stuff I will need to remember.
Me and Brother Collier, my night MTC Spanish teacher
And this is Hermana Fernandez, our MTC skype tutor we've had for over two months. She's great! Ron had her for his teacher tonight (because he is so much more advanced than I am...smarty pants!)
Wendy, Kathy and Ron at our evening class.
So there ya have it. Our day in a nutshell. I am exhausted, but a good kind of exhausted. How awesome would it be to work at this place and feel this spirit all day, every day?? I asked one of the directors here if they get their training from Disney Land, because they obviously see new missionaries every. single. week. And they greet us and teach us like we are the first people to ever come through their doors! It's just amazing! We love it here. We are so blessed!

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