Monday, October 29, 2012

Day one at the MTC

We arrived here this morning just after 10:00. A group of nice young Elders picked up our suitcases and took them and us to our room. Our room is lovely. It's in the new building and it has everything a nice hotel would have (lucky us!).  I think I was expecting a dorm-like setting. We went to check-in and got our name tags (we were as excited as school kids getting our first box of new crayons!), then to orientation, then to lunch....and look who we ran into in the lunchroom!
Cute Elder Nhem and his two companions!
After lunch we were on our way to another meeting, and who should we pass by outside?
Cute Elder Brown (his companion took the picture)
I know we are kinda nerdy, but all our missionary kids have done it.... we stood at the giant map and pointed to where we will be going.
Ron was made a District Leader today. We are the youngest couple here. At check-in they were asking me about one of my immunizations and said "wow, you are young!" I think I'll just hang around the MTC for a little self-esteem boost! We are having a great time! We are blessed.


  1. Love it! You guys look so official now! Glad your accommodations are so nice.

  2. Sounds like a great first day! I'm glad you have the blog so that we can hear about all of your experiences!


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