Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day two at the MTC

What a day we've had! The only way to describe it is Spiritual Euphoria. We started off the morning with a group meeting right after breakfast. Then we broke into our classes with our districts. We studied Preach My Gospel. Since Ron is the D.L. we made little notes with the scripture from Matt. 4:19, "...follow me and I will make you fishers of men.." and attached them to little bags of goldfish crackers and gave them to our class. We are getting to know the couples in our district better. They are from all over the U.S. and are going to places from Florida to California to Tonga. Very nice people. Here is a picture of our district:
Front row: Sister and Elder Johnson, Sister and Elder Brown.
Back row: Kathy and Ron, Sister and Elder Clayton.

Tonight we had an amazing fireside, which I will let Ron tell you about in his post. Take it away Ron!  Of course you will  notice Kathy's considerate hand in the above post as it was her idea to make a nice little thought and gift for the members of our district.  I may be the District Leader, but we are clearly a team and she is the heart of our team.    There is nothing like meeting with a large group of missionaries.   Tonight was our devotional and we had Elder Don Clarke of the 70 speak to us.    But before he spoke we of course sang all together "Called to Serve".  Words cannot describe the spirit which accompanies such a group singing that rousing hymn.  Kathy and I were both choked with emotion and had trouble getting the words out of the 2nd verse.  The devotional was likewise filled with the spirit with many personal impressions flooding into our hearts and minds of the things we need to do personally as missionaries.   There is nothing like being a missionary.  My memories of being a young 19 year old in my MTC (then called the LTM for "Language Training Mission) come flooding back.  We are on such a spiritual high.   We know we are in the right place at the right time in our lives doing what the Lord wants us to do.   We just feel so good!  And I am so very blessed to be sharing this experience with my sweet wife.    She is there every step of the way with me feeling the same things.   We did some roll playing as teachers today and she is a wonderful teacher who will have a sweet powerful impact on those she meets on our mission.  We  are so anxious for all of our grandkids to someday get this experience.   I was even asked to administer to one of the other senior missionaries and of course the Spirit was very strong accompanying that blessing.   We absolutely love being missionaries!! We are blessed!

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