Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Springs in Winter

We just returned home from a two day Sr. Christmas Conference in Colorado Springs. It’s comforting to know that Heavenly Father doesn’t just send you out as a missionary and leave you there, but he gives you great leaders who will teach and instruct you along the way. We met at President Anderson’s home for dinner and a fireside on Friday night, then Ron and I spent the night at the awesome President and Sister Sparrow’s home. Saturday morning we had a wonderful conference where each of the couples presented different topics. Ron and I lead a panel discussion on ward mission plans. The afternoon ended with a fabulous lunch of yummy soups and salads. Then Ron and I headed home with a slight detour up to Denver to the Temple. (outside our mission boundaries)

We have such an amazing group of Sr. missionaries! It's so fun to get together with them and hear of their experiences. Ron and I are sitting on the floor (because we may have been the only one's who could get back up once we were down).
President & Sister Anderson are directly above me, with President & Sister Sparrow on the far right, and Elder & Sister Snow second from the right...awesome people that we love!
Us at the Denver Temple.
(I miss being able to go to the Temple any time I want.)
As we drove home last night, this was the sunset with
Pikes Peak in the distance. 


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  1. You guys are a couple of outlaws. Lovely pictures.


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