Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Midway USA

We decided to take a little road trip on Saturday.  Our area is quite large so even this 40 minute drive to the Eastern edge of our mission was still in our area.   We took a list of members who live way out in the small town of Kinsley and split up the list between our passengers, the ever-ready-for-any-adventure- Sister Missionaries and us.  We found some home, some not and had a nice visit with those we found.   We especially enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Nader family, one of the stalwart families in our ward.   At the end of our visit with them, they suggested we visit a sweet widow in a local nursing home.   We did.   Dolly is 89 years old and quite a lady!   She shared with us her life story of living on a farm, raising her two sons mostly on her own, moving a few times, being married to an “oil man” who went to Africa to work the oil fields in Libya and even how she followed him there and lived for 3 years in Africa.  It broke our hearts to see her now living in this small room in this little care center in this little town smack dab in the middle of the country.  (See the sign above).   Yet we were also humbled that the Lord knows all his children and would arrange things so that two of his servants would call on Dolly, letting her know that he had not forgotten about her.

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