Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Journey Into Bethlehem

We were invited to go to a Christmas tradition in Jetmore (about 25 miles from Dodge) called Journey Into Bethlehem. It is put on by the community and sponsored by the Methodist church. We thought it was really well done. The scenery, both in and outside of the church was as good as any community production we’ve seen and they had some pretty awesome animals. (Of course I forgot to photograph the coolest animals, the camels…grr!) We were waiting for our turn on the tour with our little group, and when we were asked if we were with the Methodist Church, I said “No, we’re representatives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!” *cricket-cricket-cricket. We were wearing our Spanish name tags, I think that kinda threw them. Here’s some pic’s of the event.

Ron and I want to be the Llama keepers at this shingdig next year. This little guy is sooo soft!
We asked if we could "feed their sheep", but they were afraid we'd convert  them.
These guys were outside the stable where Mary and Joseph were. See the little cow? Earlier in the evening
his handler was walking him across the road and I thought he was a bear...til I saw his long tail. I've never seen
a furry cow before. He's called a Highlander.
This is the cute little town of Jetmore during the day.
And this is the thriving metropolis of Jetmore at night. Look how cute the street lights are.
Before we started our "journey..." we went over to the Community Center where they were having a soup dinner fund raiser. There is no LDS chapel in this town. The members (if there were any, and there's not) who live there would come down to Dodge to go to church with us. So Ron and I were more than happy to start up conversation with the locals at the fund raiser. I just love small town folks. They are so genuine and ...folksy! They told us where the fun little places to shop are and they even have a soda fountain drug store. Doesn't that sound fun? We can't wait to go back.


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