Thursday, December 13, 2012

Breakfast of Champions!

One morning we were invited, along with the Elders to breakfast, prepared by the sweetest little elderly couple in our Branch. Because they live so far away, and to accommodate all of us, we met at the church and they made us an interesting Guatemalan breakfast.

I will just say, never judge a book by its cover...
or a food by its weird name. 

 The top left picture is frijoles...I know, it looks like something one of the Dodge City cows left. The top right is a corn tortilla thing with frijoles on it. Yeah, well, that's not even the one that grossed me out. The bottom left is stuff called Guate Mosh. It is gray and runny and lumpy. As she was pouring it into my cup I was thinking "just drink it Kath. Be polite. Don't offend our hostess." It was really hard for me because I am a "texture" kinda gal and weird stuff that I have to drink is more of a mind thing for me. I actually said a little prayer that I wouldn't gag in front of the sweet sister. But you know what? I wasn't bad. It was actually pretty good. And, they gave us a bag to take home and cook for ourselves. This is something I think Erin would's really healthy ; )


Give me some shuga!