Saturday, December 29, 2012

Seriously Mormons...not always serious.

On our way to Colorado Springs last week we stopped at Oakley Kansas. We snapped a photo of two of Kansas' most famous dead people. Can you guess who they might be?
Annie Oakley & Buffalo Bill
Another Kansan that we ran across (almost literally) one day...famous for his role in the Wizard of Oz...Toto!
We think Toto looks like he's fallen on hard times...
or maybe he used Bruce Jenner's plastic surgeon.
I'm so grateful to have my wonderful companion who sees the humor in the same things I do. Who will take the time to stop and smell the roses with me and who makes me laugh every single day. Sometimes the work here is tough, and I'm not gonna lie, it can be depressing at times. We don't tell everything that happens here. Not yet anyway. While we have tried to share most of what happens here, we have had experiences that are difficult to put into words. And some that must be felt with the heart. I'm sure that one day our missionary journals will be read by our children and they will know what we are talking about. We hope those of our readers who have a testimony of the restored Gospel will not hesitate to share it with someone you care about who doesn't have it.

"The Lord entrusts a testimony of the truth to those who will share it with others. Even more, the Lord expects the members of His Church to open their mouths at all times declaring His gospel...Sometimes a single phrase of testimony can set events in motion that affect someones life for eternity."
                                     ~ President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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