Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dinner with Arkell's

The other night we were invited to dinner at the Arkell home in Spearville. They are an awesome family in the Branch. Their home is crazy busy, but a really good kind of crazy. The second oldest daughter brought out her guitar so Ron could show her some cords to play, and the minute he started playing all the kids gathered around watching. It was a total "Sound of Music" moment, with Ron playing the role of Fraulein Maria. (C'mon, that was funny!) Then he led them in some Primary songs before dinner. It was magical! They are a really solid, strong family in the Gospel.

Brother Arkell is a lawyer in town. He serves on the Stake High Council, and he serves as the High Priest Group leader in the Branch. (How’s THAT for wearing some busy hats?) Sister Arkell, who is as sweet as can be, (and drop dead gorgeous), just had her ninth baby.

Also at dinner at the Arkell’s were the Harman family. Brother Harman is also a lawyer in town, he serves in the Bishopric in the ward. They too, are a good solid LDS family. Sister Harman is uber-talented and super nice.

We had three lawyers around the dinner table....I know there's a joke in there somewhere...It was a great evening.

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