Thursday, November 7, 2013

Zone "P" Day

Last week we traveled to Liberal for a Zone P-day (P as in Play!) It was so fun getting together with the other missionaries in our zone and seeing them in a different setting other than in a meeting. They are great fun!
 We taught them the Transfer Game. Hilarious!
Then each companionship came up with lines to a song that Elder Cannon made up about being a missionary.
If I can figure out how to put the video of him singing it I'll post it....
Good times! I mean when are we ever going to have the opportunity to work and play with this many 18-21 year olds again? They are amazing too...I see future Bishops, Relief Society Presidents, Stake Presidents and even some who could be General Authorities in their lifetimes...really, they are that spiritually awesome!
Happy to be here!


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