Friday, November 15, 2013

Holy Mole!

This week has been a busy one. A couple hospital visits of ward members, zone training in Liberal, one member passed away : ( ....., we did service for a widow, taught a couple lessons, had our English class, said goodbye to some veteran missionaries and welcomed some new missionaries to Dodge, among our regular weekly meetings. The time is flying by.
Sister Mortensen says goodbye to Sister Harston..
...and hello to Sister Bradshaw!
Sister Williams, Sister Mortensen, Elder Williams & Sister Bradshaw
 We raked leaves for an elderly widow in the ward.
We had way too many leaves for the amount of yard waste space. : p
We played a Spanish word game after we taught our English class. I got killed every round! : \
A part-member family made us lunch. Rice & chicken with Mole sauce, pronounced like when Austin Powers says Moley Moley Moley Moley! It's an acquired taste. I haven't acquired it yet. But every time we've had it I just can't help myself, and I have to say "Moley Moley Moley Moley!!"
Next week we'll be helping with the funeral of a sweet gentleman from our ward. It will be our 4th funeral since we've been here. : (    Maybe I'll post about that next week.


  1. I remember when Dad used to stand in the yard waste bin at home too, just to smash down all the leaves and make room for more. Funny how some things never change! :)

    1. You don't remember me lifting Christopher into the yard waste bin and using him as a weight to tamp down the leaves? :)


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