Monday, November 11, 2013

Best darn weekend ever!

Anytime we have a baptism it is a good weekend. But this was especially sweet because it has been a loooong time comin'. Even before we got here, the missionaries had been teaching this young husband and father the Gospel. His wife joined the Church about 4 (?) years ago along with her sisters and mother. Every missionary we've served with have taught him, we've taught him, many before us taught him. But it took a very sick(but you'd never know it) Elder who transferred here from a Honduras mission because of illness, who has only been here for 5 weeks and is now ready to go home, to teach him that the Gospel is what he needs to make his family complete. Ivan's countenance literally has changed. It is one of those miracle baptisms that we rejoice in!
Ivan and his wife & 2 adorable kids, with Elder Cannon
Me, Elder Williams, Ivan and his darling wife Carolina
Also at church this weekend we had a record number of inactives, less actives, new members and investigators in attendance, including the young mother that Ron and I are teaching . It was a fabulous Sabbath!


  1. Hi, I am Elder Cannon's mommy! Thank you so much for posting the picture of the baptism and of Elder Cannon. I am so proud of that boy for enduring all that he has gone through and still wanting to serve the Lord to the very end of his mission. I can't wait to hold him in my arms in 3 days!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Lisa! We love Elder Cannon! He has had great influence on members, non-members and inactives here. We can tell he has come from a wonderful family! We will be sad to see him leave. Thanks for sharing him! ~K.

  2. Our son is Elder Carlson. He told us of the miracle that has happened with Ivan. The Book of Mormon is a great tool in the hands of the servants of the Lord. Keep up the great work in Dodge City and please keep an eye out for our boy! Thanks.

  3. Thank you Randy, we love Elder Carlson too. He is always positive and happy. He is a very good missionary. We just had him and all the other missionaries at our apartment today for a P-day game day, to get in out of the very cold weather.


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