Saturday, November 23, 2013

One Bite At a Time.

As a whole, this week was a truly strange one. But I decided to take on all the events and digest them individually. Just like eating an bite at a time. I have been counseled by my companion that I should not write all the details of the events at this posting. But trust me….WEIRD. So here’s a brief synopsis of our week:

We went to an appointment at a trailer park. While we were still in our car preparing to go in, the 75 year old next door neighbor came out in his bikini underwear. No pants, just underwear. This is November fella, git yer pants on!

Because I have no control over what happens with the contents of this blog once it leaves my fingertips and I hit PUBLISH, I will not write any more of the happenings of the week. Bwah! But the underwear guy was the least bizarre  of  everything that happened.

I wish to pay tribute to our amazing Bishop who has had to deal with situations of neglect, abuse, deception, criticism, death and serious illness's (just this week alone).  He has handled each one masterfully and with true Christ like charity.


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