Saturday, November 9, 2013

JENGA and Mail Shout-Outs!

Have you ever played the game "JENGA"? Yeah well this is what we call "GARBAGE JENGA". We keep stacking trash in the kitchen garbage can, and the first one to have their piece fall out has to take the trash outside.
p.s. E. Dub took it out shortly after this : )
Happy dance mail shout-outs go to the Double Deb's~ Deb Hill & Deb my sista, each for their sweet and uplifting cards. Becki B. for validating me with your Becki-mail-vibe letter! Janae for her letter & Annabellybutton for the lovely sticker art pictures (beautiful name writing A.!) Erin and Ben for their timely & sweet surprise gift! And Sister McQ. for keeping us in the loop and laughing with your letter. We love and miss you all sooo much!

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