Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy One Year In Dodge!

We enjoyed our second Halloween in the mission field. So much going on this past couple of weeks, I'll try to get all of it recorded. We were invited to dinner at the home of this family of 11 on the night of Trunk or Treat. But all us missionaries decided to turn the tables on them and we served them! (It was my companion's brilliant idea!)

Started out by making a huge pot of spaghetti. Family of 11 + 8 missionaries = a ton of food! And this is how many she (the mom) cooks for when we come over each week! It's not as easy as it sounds. I have a new-found respect for that woman I tell you!
My handsome companion cooking up 4 pounds of spaghetti noodles. We had to borrow that pot from the church kitchen. The Elders and Sisters here in Dodge are the best! Everyone pitched in to help. One set of Elders made the salad, one set took care of the french bread, and the Sister's made the dessert.

This is the mom and five of her nine kids at the table. It was fun to serve them, she didnt' even have to worry about feeding her littlest one.
 Elder Williams has endeared himself to her one year old and he fed him so the mama could eat her dinner warm...a first, according to her!
Then we all headed over to Trunk or Treat and manned her booth so she could spend the evening with her children.
 There was magic tricks...
 bobbing for donuts...
 a fish toss...
 And a lot more booths that were so fun. The best part was that a lot the members invited their non-member friends to come and we had some great fellow-shipping going on!
This is my favorite picture of the night...


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