Monday, September 9, 2013

Why DID the chicken cross the road?

There's an old joke told by those who live in Mississippi....Why did the chicken cross the road?
                                                              ...To show the Armadillo it could be done!
This poor little guy was just too slow getting across traffic.
We're in Wichita tonight. We had a Sr. Missionary conference earlier. President and Sister Bell are amazing leaders for this new Kansas Wichita Mission. We sure love them. Ron and I were asked to speak to the other Sr. Missionaries tonight, about working with Branch and Ward leaders and How to effectively work with the younger missionaries. It was great being able to tell the (old) missionaries how much fun we have with the younger ones. We gave them a little slide show of some of the missionaries we've worked with over the past 10+ months. Then we gave each one of them a little take-home gift to remind them to "Enjoy the younger missionaries" that they are blessed to work with!
It was fun presenting to them with Ron as my tag-team companion.
These are all the Senior Missionaries in the KWM. The 2 Sisters on the far right were in the MTC with us. They originally went to the Independence Missouri Mission. It was fun to see them again.
On our way to Wichita we stopped at The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Museum in Hutchison. (Ron's choice)
It was pretty cool though....

 This is a photograph of the SR71 Blackbird Spy Plane...
And this is an actual decommissioned Blackbird.
This is a giant stained glass mural.

...and c'mon, ya gotta have a spaceman shot.
Then we were on our way to the next tourist attraction....
TARGET! (Kathy's choice) : )
Oh Target I've missed you! Please come to Dodge City!
See me hugging her? Target LOVE!


  1. Target would be a welcome sight! How fun to get together with all the "oldies." :) And glad you could impart your wisdom to them. It is evident from all the pictures on this blog that you sure have a lot of fun with the jrs. Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves!... Starting to think we may have to come to Kansas if we ever want to see you again! :)

  2. Cute handout, very creative! And glad you got to make some fun stops as well :)


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