Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sober and Dignified? Umm, no.

We got the giggles tonight...
Six of the eight missionaries here in Dodge had dinner at an awesome member-family's home. It's a cross between a three ring circus and an alligator festival. Always a lot of energy. The Dameron's are kind and so very generous to us. Always feeding us a good meal. After dinner we meet in their living room to give them a message and a challenge. Brother Dameron always calls on one of the missionaries to pray at the end and they like us to kneel and hold hands. Five kids, mom and dad, and six two gigantic poodles, two hamsters and a partridge in a pear tree I think.  Sister Mortensen was asked to give the closing prayer. You know when your mouth gets ahead of your brain? That's what happened tonight....I think she meant to say "...Thank you for the food that was prepared for us tonight..." But her prepared got mixed in with her food, and it came out  "...Thank you for the poop..." Oh my goodness, I was going to let it go, but Elder Hawkins started to giggle, then Sister McQuay, then me, and Sister Mortensen just lost it. And we were all holding hands so it was just this big wave of giggles that went around the room. Poor Sister Mortensen could barely finish the prayer. I hope Heavenly Father has a sense of humor!

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