Monday, September 30, 2013

Marvelous week and Mail shout-outs too!

 Last week was filled with lot's of activities. We had a Sister's conference in Pratt Kansas which was super fun just being with all the other sisters for Yoga lessons, lunch and all around Spiritual enlightenment.
 Everyone just loves Sister Bell, and the tables were set so cute
 Then on the way home we stopped at the
"World's Largest Hand Dug Well"
The sparkley rectangle thing at the bottom is full of pennys & water on either side.
Cute Sisters McQuay, Mortensen, Macovichuk, Cassaday & me.
Saturday morning we had the baptism of Daniel and Kim
They are an amazing couple with an even more amazing story.
They were taught by Sisters McQuay and Mortensen,
who were absolutely the perfect companionship to teach this couple.
I think I'll save their story for my homecoming talk.
(funfact: I felt like a huge flower garden in this dress)
Saturday night was the Worldwide Broadcast of the Womens Conference.
We went to the church to watch it. It was wonderful.
I'll try to add a link to it here.
Sunday morning Ron and I spoke to the combined Relief Society and Priesthood
during the third hour. Our topic: Missionary work (of course!) Later, two cute sisters in the ward
texted us to tell us they used our talks as inspiration when they talked to their non-member
friend about the Gospel. How awesome is that?? I love being a missionary!
Farewell To Elder Hawkins
We have some crazy fun times at the Dameron  home. I've blogged about them before. They are one of those awesome families who give and do and invite and include everyone. They are so very generous and kind. There is a lot of energy in their home. After a wonderful meal prepared by two of our recent converts, (one of whom was a chef for Wolfgang Puck) we sang Primary songs, had a spiritual thought, then said a farewell to Elder Hawkins who will be going home to Utah this week, before closing with prayer. Love that family.
One day mail bonanza shout-outs: We got mail on ONE day last week. Monday. But it was a big-un! We got letters from Bryce, Nathan and Tyler. Nice handwriting, boys! My dear friend Becki, who has so generously written each month. Hugs to you all. And our October ENSIGN came!
Who could ask for anything more??


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