Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happenings and Mail Shout-Outs

Some of the happenings of the past week:

A beautiful sunrise.

A really fun district meeting.
 Dinner with the Perez's
This cute couple fed us and fed us and fed us. They dish it up for you and there's NO portion control. You can't really tell, but there are two thick slices of pork roast (?) smothered in lemon dill gravy and rice and salad...then dessert.
What dinner looks like when we don’t have a D.A. with a member family.
Me: banana with p-nut butter, pumpkin flavored almonds and milk.
Ron: leftover mac-n-cheese, chocolate pudding w/ coolwhip & choc. milk.
An amazing two day Stake Conference.
         From right: Me, Sisters McQuay & Mortensen, and Kasandra Montoya-she's been a member of the Church for less than 2 years and she's getting ready to turn her papers in to serve a mission. She's awesome!
Before the Saturday night adult session of conference the Stake has a potluck dinner. Ron and I were near the end of the very long line to get our food, so we sat with Sister Mortensen, which happened to be at the same table as our visiting G.A., Elder Christensen. He came over and introduced himself to us (Like, hello! You’re a General Authority! Of course we know who you are!) He’s a big man, btw, with really big hands. Just thought I’d throw that in there. And he is super nice and very gracious. While he was talking to us, President Seegar came over and chatted for a minute to tell him who we are. We love our Stake President and his wife. They are such good people. So genuine and kind. This morning he and his counselors were released and a new Stake Presidency was sustained. President Seegar served as the Stake President for fifteen years. 15 years! Holy Cow that’s a long time. This is who spoke at conference: President and Sister Seegar, Pres. Coleman, Pres. Steele, Sister Bell, President Bell (our Mission Pres) President Ludwig (from the Denver Temple) Elder Deshner, and Elder Craig C. Christensen. Very inspiring and uplifting.
Mail Shout-Outs and Obi Juan Kenobi's go out to Mary Vanderholm, Becki Blackner and Erin, for the funny, sweet, and information-filled letters and pictures. They (you) brighten our day with your words! We love you!

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  1. LOL about your dinner at home and very cool about the General Authority!


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