Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday and Mail Shout-Outs

Today is our Zone leader Elder Hawkins, birthday...he turned 21 today! Now he's old enough to do just about everything he's always done! He is a great missionary and a wonderful ZL. We had dinner at the Dameron's again tonight. Remember my last post? Yeah well there were none of those shenanigans tonight I'll tell ya! ; ) Look at the cute cake!
Elder Williams, me, Sisters McQuay & Mortensen, Birthday boy Elder Hawkins & his new companion, Elder Sweeten
Waiting for cake!
Abby D., Elder H., Sage D. Hanna A., Elder S.  Sister D. Sisters M&M. & Ela D. behind Sis. MQ.
There's always a gaggle of kids to be found at the Dameron's home...many who don't actually live there.
Cute hubby!
 Why can I never take a decent selfie??
Mail shout-outs go to Elly, Owen & Emmett for their amazing artwork! Bryce & Tyler for finding the "lost drawings" and sending them to us...Picasso's in the making, all of 'em! And to my ever-faithful-busy-as-all-get-out-as-if-she-has-nothing-else-to-do-and-new-Bishop's-wife-and
*whew!* friend, Becki, for sending your much needed letter! We love you to infinity and beyond!


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