Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Ain't No Mountain High 'nuff" and Mail Shout-Outs

We had Zone training on Friday in Liberal
 This will be Elder Hawkins last Zone Mtng., as he'll be going home in a couple weeks.
He's been a good ZL and a really hard working missionary.
While we were so close, we took the Sister's to the border so they could get
a picture at the OK we did too.
 Ugh! dang fur ball hair! It's so humid that my hair doesn't stand a chance! Seriously, I straightened it this morning, then I curled it...which is something I never do because it takes too long. The minute I stepped outside our apartment, BAM! Instant Diana Ross! That's why in most of my pictures I have a ponytail or my hair twisted up in a clip. Grrr!
(P.S. See E. Dub's right hand? Soccer injury)
Corn as high as an elephants eye and mail Shout-Outs go to: William and Gracie for the beautiful
artwork you sent us...We have it on our art wall! And to the Young Women of the Tacoma Stake,
Makenna Lohrey, Kendyl Parsons, Katie Marriott, and Sister Marie Bateman, for the uplifting letters
and words of encouragement! We love you!

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  1. Oh Dad, always injuring yourself playing sports... :) Ha ha, E. Dub is Erin's nickname remember? Kathleen, enough of the hair comments! No matter what the weather does to it, you are a beautiful lady! :)


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