Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trip to Kinsley

We drove up to a little town about 40 miles east of Dodge (still in our ward) to touch base with some members who haven't been seen in a while. We made our second visit with one of our favorite little ladies, 89 year old Dolly Belle. Dolly has lived a most interesting life... following one scoundrel husband to Africa, raising two boys on her own and outliving both of them. She joined the Church at nearly 40 years old, married a "dry Mormon" in LasVegas, and cared for him during his eight year battle with  Alzheimer's until he passed away three years ago.
Dolly Belle
One of the fun things about having our ward spread out so far and wide, is that we get to drive through these fun little farming towns. There is always something interesting to see in these little towns. One of our favorites things to do is to go into a little grocery store and talk to the locals. One older gentleman in Jetmore (another little town about 39 miles from Dodge) saw us taking pictures in his town one day and when he saw us in the market he said "I saw you taking pictures. I almost called the police on you."  We had a nice little visit with him.

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  1. Dolly Belle sounds like a wonderful person. Thanks for sharing.


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