Saturday, January 26, 2013

Birthday Girl!

It's not easy pulling off surprises on your companion on a mission.   You are together all the time, so how do you surprise them?   Well, thanks to Erin who mailed me some decorations, and thanks to the fact that Sister Williams is a very sound sleeper, I was able to sneak out to the living room after she fell asleep last night and I decorated the place for today's birthday festivities!
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!   I love serving a mission with you!  -Elder W.
We shared chocolate birthday cake for breakfast (ala Bill Cosby) with Sister Kartchner who's birthday it is on Sunday.
Ron made the cake and a delicious dinner with food remnants (remember we're on a month long spending fast...oiy!) from the fridge. It was fun to wake up to our decorated apt. Thanks Erin, for the "Birthday in a Box"!
BTW I laughed my head off when Ron told me how he sneaked out of bed to decorate after I was asleep! Picture a parent putting a cranky baby down in it's crib then commando crawling out of the room... backward! Awesome!


  1. Love the couch by the way, straight out of the 80's!

    1. Nothing but the best for us senior missionaries! Actually, we are most grateful, our accomodations are wonderful, much better than we expected or anything I ever had on my mission, or I dare say you ever had in Venezuela!

    2. Very true! A couch would have been awesome! We had beds, desks and folding chairs. That was all the furniture we had.


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