Saturday, January 5, 2013

NOT Jimmy Stewart

Oh "Hank" (aka Trick Knee Guy) why oh why can't you be more like Willie Kreuger and invite us in for hot cocoa??
We are learning that everyone has their agency. Sometimes even the most crusty ol' guys need to be given a second (or third) chance. Life has not been good to our friend "Hank", and he let us have it with both barrels on our most recent visit. It was truly upsetting to see how sad a life this man lives. After he barked at us not to come back, he turned to walk away and I saw that his bony little shoulder came through a rip in his dingy gray t-shirt. He has no family. He has no friends. He has no visitors. He served our country in the military and we should thank him for that. Perhaps that was the beginning of his spiral into unhappiness. We just wanted him to know that Heavenly Father is mindful of him. He is a child of God.

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