Friday, January 17, 2014

Our Third Companion

We have to pay tribute to our trusted 3rd Companion.  He (or she?) has been with us every step, or should I say all of the thousands of miles we have traveled on this mission.   He has been very reliable, rarely complaining and has suffered plenty of bumps, bruises. (see photo)

 We try to keep him happy, but often neglect him, such as letting him get quite dirty (see photos). 

But through it all, he has been a trusted, reliable 3rd companion, taking us everywhere we have asked him to go.  

He is often patiently waiting in the background as we attend yet another activity,  (See background)

Truthfully, we feel that the Lord has greatly blessed us with such reliable transportation on this mission, so this post is actually an acknowledgement of his hand in this blessing and an expression of gratitude to Him for answering many prayers to keep us safe.    So thank you!   And here's hoping and praying you can yet keep us going safely, all the way to the end.

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