Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday weekend & Mail Shout-Outs!

I had a great Birthday weekend. My companion gave me a weekend instead of just a day to celebrate my birthday. I love that guy so much! He decorated the apartment with the recycled decorations from my birthday last year. Erin sent us a "birthday in a box" last year, and we've used them over and over.
 Here are some cards from family and friends. The flowers
are from a sweet sister in the ward, Melanie Perry. I LOVE tulips!
 Got a pkg. from Janae with all kinds of
Gluten free goodies in it...all things I LOVE!
My sister sent me some Gluten free bread...
and these little cuties! These "I'm Salt/ I'm Pepper" shakers
have a story behind them that I'll share in another post sometime.
(are ya diggin' the painted nails?? A member gave me the polish for
Christmas, and I had to show her that I used's sparkly too!!)
 My hubster/companion gave me this awesome infinity scarf
and this K.U. magnet. Who couldn't use a K.U. magnet??
Our ward members were so kind to me also. One family had us and a few other couples over for a birthday lunch on Sunday, and she made me the most delicious Gluten Free pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting..sooo good! Another family made me a birthday dinner and gave me some awesome slippers from Guatemala. I will post a picture of them and the beautiful scarf my sister Debbie gave me, as soon as I get a picture of them.

Ok, here are the pictures of the sandals (slippers I call them) that the Arkell's gave me.
Sister Arkell is from Guatemala and she bought these for me
on her trip back there last year. Pretty cute, eh? Can't wait for
warm weather so I can wear them. For now I'll wear them indoors.

My sister Debbie gave me this gorgeous scarf. This picture, taken
with my crappy camera doesn't do it justice. It's beautiful.
This is probably my most treasured birthday gift. It's a 12 page hand-written
letter from my sweet friend Becki. Need I say more?
So many kind, thoughtful people are in my life. I love you all.
Birthday gratitude shout-outs go to: Mish-Sisters McQuay, Mortensen & Bradshaw for the fun/most amusing cards! My dear friend Sister Mackey for the lovely note and delicious meal(s) you serve us! The Chamberlins and Melanie for the sweet cards and kind words. The Mays for the birthday card~and everything else! Sister Arkell for all you do and the card, and Vanessa Arkell for making my sweet card with a wonderful birthday message in it. The Abram's for the artwork and letters (and the hysterical song)! My sister Debbie, always kind thoughts in your card. My sister DeeDee for the Oh-so-true-and-hilarious card and box! And to my amazing companion/ husband who always makes me want to be better than I am~thank you for choosing me.

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