Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A day to 'play' at the farm

The missionaries went out on the Brinkerhoff farm to help put up fence.
I said they "played", but it was really hard work. They came back to the house
with windburned, dirty faces, and then went back for more after lunch.
They rolled out barbed wire and tied it to fence posts
called T-bars that they pounded into the hard ground.
This is Kevin giving Ron lessons on what's what on a tractor.
Then look out!
That's my companion, boy howdy!
I'll tell you what, he had so much fun on that thing! Seriously, he
was like a little boy with a new toy! (A new BIG toy!)
Ron was a natural on that big tractor! He moved right up to the
 T-Bar and tapped it ever so gently with the bucket into that
hard Kansas ground and it went in smooth as butter!
I was so afraid someone was going to get that bucket dropped on their head...
Sister Bradshaw came up when one of the Elders was going down
with one of the T-Bars, and she caught it on the cheek. But she was
a trooper and we got her cleaned up lickety split! (She's awesome!)
I spent the morning with Sunny back at the house. We got the windows washed,
cracked a few bags of pecans and had some great "girl talk". I love that lady!

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