Monday, January 6, 2014

Here's to a great 2014!

This has been a crazy first week of 2014. I love a new everyone else, it gives us a fresh new start to be better at just about everything. We have our annual "purge the house of any leftover candy"marathon. This was especially fun this year because remember the gingerbread house I made with the sisters?

Well, before Christmas the guy who serves as Young Men's President spoke in Sacrament meeting and told about when he was a little boy his mother would always put a gingerbread house under the tree and then tell him not to pick the candy off of it. So he would lay under the tree and lick the candy on the gingerbread house, which I found hysterical. So last week while we were boxing up and throwing out, we decided to box up our gingerbread house with a little note that said "Dear Brother Harman, you don't have to lick it, you can actually pick it! Enjoy!" Then we took it to his house rang the doorbell and ran. They aren't sure who put it there, but we aren't even on their radar for this one, which makes it even more fun. I mean, who would suspect two sober and dignified senior missionaries, right?
We attended a fun New Years Eve party at the Brinkerhoff's home out in Montezuma.
(we were home early)
 This is Brother Chamberlin, our ward mission leader. He's such a good guy.
This picture makes me laugh every time I see it!
We had our good old reliable, unfancy, camera "misplaced" after a Christmas activity in Garden last month. I was so bummed, because not only did it have pictures that I didn't have loaded on my computer, but it also had 3 picture/card/ chip thingies in the little case, AND we have to have a camera, so we ended up buying a super cheap camera just to get us through the end of our mission and it takes super crappy pictures. Grrr! So if you think our pictures have a weird 'sparkly' look to them, that's why. Double Grrr!
Last Sunday we had two baptisms, which was way awesome! (said in a sing songy voice) : )
Ron spoke at one of them, and I said the prayer at the other one.
12 year old Janeth and us after her baptism
 Nothing is more flattering than florescent lighting~said no one, ever!
Cute little Abbie Dameron (8)
What a great way to begin the new year!!

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  1. fluorescent lighting is the MOST flattering! said everyone, always ;)
    it seems like you are really enjoying your mission and i am LOVING reading about it. I'm glad Ron told me about your blog!
    as i get older i realize how precious family is and i am missing being close to you guys and the rest of the bunch. i look forward to reading more as you continue this blessed journey. love you!


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