Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Many hands make light work

One of the funnest things we get to do out in the mission field is give service. Monday morning we got an early call from a great family in the ward who needed help unloading a moving truck. Monday is our P-day, and there's so much to get done in a very limited time...not so much for us Sr. Missionaries, but the younger missionaries only have Monday to do laundry, write letters, check e-mails, go grocery shopping, and other tasks. So I wasn't sure they would want to give up that time to help. Boy was I wrong. They were all there with a smile on their face. As they jumped into action we made short work of emptying out that moving van! I love the missionaries we get to serve with.
Top row: Sister Mortensen, Ron, Sister Bradshaw, Elder Sweeten, Elder Ibarra
Bottom: Me, Elders Pettit and Turner
The world has need of willing hands, and hearts that know and feel.
Come help the good work move along, put your shoulder to the wheel!

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