Monday, July 1, 2013

New Mission!

Welcome to the new Kansas, Wichita Mission! Starting today we have a new Mission President and a new mission. Welcome President and Sister Bell!
Ron is out standing in
the mission field...
Behold the field is white
already to harvest...
D&C 4:4


  1. can your mission just change like that? Is this one of the new missions that was announced in Oct/Apr? I thought you were called to the Colo. Spr/ Colo. mission Spanish speaking. Are you still in the Spanish speaking part? Oh yes. . . watch the mail . . . :0) Love ya !

  2. Hi DeeDee! Yes, this was one of the 58 new ones announced this year. And yes, we are still in the same ward, and still Spanish speaking, though we do lots of English speaking too. You'd be so impressed with how well your big sister has picked up the Spanish!


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