Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thankfulness and mail shout-outs

Sitting in my office listening to my sweet companion softly playing "Pooh Corner" on his guitar. Earlier this evening we had dinner with one of the widows in our ward. Ron and I gave her a message on the Worth of Souls, along with a thought from Henry B. Eyring. In preparing to give the message, Ron got up from the table to get his scriptures and whispered something like "I'm so glad I married you." This sweet sister who has only been widowed for about four months, quietly said "I never heard that in my marriage." How can I begin to thank my Heavenly Father for this kind, gentle man I married? I am blessed.
Great big mail shout-outs to Christopher for the fun birthday package for his dad, and my sista Deb...the great thing about having belated birthday wishes is it just extends the festivities! Also to the Betteridges and D.B. It was a super funderful mail day!

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