Saturday, June 8, 2013

Loving the work ~and the people~ in Dodge

Wow, it's about time for a new post.
 The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy,
but we've had tons of fun!
We had  "The last supper" with our 'mini District'  at the Brinkerhoff's,
farm, clear out in Montezuma. They're an awesome family in our ward. We got to
play with their baby cows. This is Elder Romero, getting his fingers sucked on by a calf.
Elder Romero was transferred to the Garden District, one town over. We'll miss him.
For some reason the members couldn't get his name right, and they all called him
 Elder Romano.
We called him Elder MacGyver, because he always carried little tools with him and fixed stuff.
 While we were dropping off donations to New Hope (like the Salvation Army)
a couple of children were feeding a baby goat (yeah, a goat-in town) So I asked them
if they wanted to get their picture taken...suddenly kids came from everywhere to
get their picture taken! Hahaha we have no idea who any of them are!
 Little Spanish kids are so adorable.
 Then we had FHE with the Garcia family (love these guys). They live right
behind our apartment bldg. They are the family Ron helped to create a garden.
(I'll do a separate post on that fun adventure.)
This family lives in Dodge, also. Here are seven of the eleven
 kids in this family. The 4 older boys pictured here have recently
been baptized, as well as an older brother. We are now teaching
 their older sister and her husband. Hopefully their mother will
            also someday be baptized. She has had a really difficult life. They live           
 in the most humble of circumstances, but the kids are all really smart.
 During our District meeting we got a little distracted
during accountability, building a temple out of Starburst wrappers.
See the Angel Moroni on top? He's made from a Rolo foil wrapper.
Our new BIG Dodge District!
Front row: Elders Williams, Page, Inzunza, Hawkins & Turner
Back row: Sisters Williams, Bitter and McQuay
We went from a mini district of 4 missionaries, to 8 of us!
These are really great missionaries. We are so excited to
have such a strong district in Dodge City!

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  1. You are growing! So cool. I love the story about the garden you planted. I bet that was a great thing for that family to learn and I'm sure the kids are enjoying watching their plants grow. Good story.


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