Monday, June 24, 2013

.... to know the richness of His blessings!

What an awesome Sabbath it was yesterday! We had a great day at church, teaching a darling Primary class of 7 and 8 year olds. Ron even got a birthday treat from the Primary Presidency! After church we had the companionship of three missionaries over for dinner (the 5 of us didn’t have a D.A.) Then we had all the missionaries, Zone Leaders & Assistant to the new Mission Pres. over for cake and ice cream for Elder Williams birthday. Afterward, we all headed over to the church for “The Work of Salvation” Missionary Broadcast. It was awesome! We were edified, uplifted and taught how to be better missionaries. We love this work that we get to do every day and it just confirmed to us that we are in the exact place that we should be at this time in our lives. How blessed we are to have a living Prophet on the earth today! When they say the work of the Lord is hastening, we see more clearly why. Our desire is to share the Gospel with everyone. To let them know that Christ’s atonement is for everyone. Having Jesus Christ’s name over my heart makes me braver (is that a word??) than I ever thought I could be. Now I know that I can be brave even after my mission, because I will have Jesus Christ’s name forever embedded in my heart. If you have had the desire to share the Gospel with someone, be brave. Do it. Heavenly Father will help you because He wants you to succeed. He wants His children to return to live with him again. All of them.
 It was so awesome at the end of the broadcast last night the closing song was
"Called To Serve", all twelve of us stood and sang it.

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