Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's Birthday Week and mail Shout-Outs!

We have a bigger district than we have ever had before! 
back row: Elder Inzunza, Sisters Bitter, McQuay & Williams, Elder Williams
front row: Elders Hawkins, Turner, Garza & Page. An awesome District.
Ron received a big box of goodies from our friends,
 Carol and Jeff Gollihur...
...this was dedicated to the Tornados of Kansas and any
possibility of seeing a flying cow! 
 There's just something funny about having a flying cow in your living room!
Fathers Day & Birthday thank you's to Jeff & Carol, Amy, Andrew, Elly & Owen.
Jon & Angela & the 3L's,  Holly Wiersma and Erin, Ben & the boys
 for the gift that was torture to not open for nearly three months.
Janae & Peter & Annabelle &'re right, going to the mailbox
each day was a treat!

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