Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mmm...Is this corn hand shucked??

Our friend Brother Brinkerhoff called and asked if we wanted to come to Montezuma and pick some sweet corn..."heck yeah, we do!"
One of his *Mennonite neighbors planted some *sweet corn among his *field corn, and was generously sharing with others.
Here we are picking in the middle of the cornfield

 We picked nearly 60 ears of corn
(can't believe I got in there with all those spiders, mice, bugs & snakes)

Brother Brinkerhoff, who took us out to the cornfield

The most ingenious way to skin a cob of corn for freezing
(I think I learned this from Erin)
*Mennonite: A religious group. Known around these parts for their
                       skilled craftsmanship and delicious baked goods.
(Often called Amish, but only by dorks like us, because they aren't even close to being Amish, as they use electricity and drive some pretty sweet cars.) (The women, however, wear little black bonnets which I totally could use on those crazy-humid days of summer, here in Dodge!)                                                        
*Sweet corn: Also known as 'table' corn or 'sugar' corn. Eaten off the
                        cob or removed from the cob and bagged and frozen.
*Field corn: Also known as feed corn. Used primarily as feed for live-
                       stock or for market grain for cereals. Also used a lot by
                        Mexicans like in corn meal because it isn't sweet.


  1. Yes, the bundt cake pan trick! Works so well! Hope you can finish all that corn before April!

  2. I can't believe you are over half way done with your mission! Wow! Joel will be home in 2 months 28 days, but who's counting? This mother, that's who!!! I am very excited to have him home!
    Kaelin, mother of the cutest little 18 month old boy, is expecting again in November. It's a girl! I am ecstatic! She will be born shortly after her Uncle Joel returns.
    I am now following your blog, (I know, it took me long enough, but I'm here now.) You do a great job of keeping us informed of what is happening in Dodge! Keep up the good work. Joel will be having his first, yes, his first baptism this Saturday!
    Love ya,

  3. Kathy, I'm so glad you commented on my blog- I clicked on your profile and have been reading through this wonderful blog full of your mission adventures! So happy for you and so wonderful to see you. Love you!


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