Sunday, July 14, 2013

Business of Missionaries & Mail Shout-Outs

I haven’t had a chance to post all week because it’s been so crazy busy! We started out the week being assigned to find two new missionaries an apartment. Finding a habitable place to live in Dodge is like finding a 1969-S Lincoln cent with a doubled die obverse. (what??) Anyway, it’s rare! Seriously, we looked at over fifteen places in two days and they were gross! One of the Landlords wanted to be paid in cash only, and didn’t have a S.S.# (meaning he wasn’t a legal citizen) and another one we had to pick up the key at LUCKY LIQUOR (YIKES!) And the houses/apartments themselves- I wouldn’t house a dog in, let alone two Elders! We really made it a matter of prayer from the moment we got the call to find a place because we are aware that decent places to live are nearly impossible to find. When we thought we might have to give up the search, and pitch a tent in a park,  we decided to make one last attempt on a nice apartment that hadn’t returned our call. Holy Cow we got lucky and got in! Many times this week our prayers have been answered. I think Heavenly Father just wanted us to do our homework before he would answer our prayers : )
Waiting for the van to arrive
We had transfers, which is crazy in and of itself…but toss in the fact that we are a brand new mission, and everybody in the mission office is new and trying to find their way…setting up cars, apartments, phones, leaders, new missionaries, meetings, etc… You know that the Lord is in control here and moving things along. I love it!
Some of the Sister's who are being transferred around Kansas
(except me)
Dodge was made a new Zone. Up until now we have been a part of the Garden Zone. 
 We had our first Zone Conference on Saturday.

Our new Dodge Zone
We met our new Mission President and his wife. What a delightful couple they are!
Ron & I with President & Sister Bell

In between everything, we are teaching a wonderful couple who live just down the street from us. 
I want to say more, but I’m afraid I’ll jinx it! ; )
Mail shout-outs & Kansas cornfield thank you’s go to Erin, Tyler, Nathan & Bryce for the awesome handwritten letters. And to Janae’s (aka MRS. May, Sister May) primary class for all the letters we received this week. We got a big kick out of all of them! We love you for thinking about us!


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